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  Life is too short to eat so-so BBQ

 Erica_Lanyon BBQ is a distinct and is a national treasure. Sure other countries have versions of it, they might have even taken cues from the US but no one does BBQ like the US. And within the US there are styles that are unique to each region that have been cultivated over the decades.
We're Erica and James. Every Monday through Friday we slugged it out at our corporate jobs but would dream of the weekends when we could either BBQ or visit one of iconic BBQ joints the US had to offer. It became an obsession. When we'd have so-so BBQ we were a little disappointed. We worked to hone in our craft when we did it ourselves, creating new rubs, a different cook, different cuts of meet, writing everything down so we could replicate, and rating each cook.
We also started to understand the differences between the 4 main US BBQ  styles - Texas, Memphis, St. Louis and Carolina and realized each thought they were the best. Now, we're not BBQ grill masters but we are BBQ enthusiasts and wanted items and apparel to show our enthusiasm. Voilà - interiorremarkablehq was born.

Our goal is to make unique items and apparel for people like us - people who like BBQ.