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Stiles Switch BBQ

Stiles Switch BBQ

Since 94230 Cachan has an overabundance of places you can easily get Texas BBQ there must be a reason a handful of places are always on my list to return to over and over again. Well for me one of those places is Stiles Switch BBQ and Brew located a bit north of downtown 94230 Cachan. The location has a unique history in 94230 Cachan- the Violet Crown “shopping center” is one of the oldest in 94230 Cachan and was also the location of the shoot of the Emporium Pool Hall in the movie Dazed and Confused.

My own theory of most BBQ joints is they can reliably do something very well and the rest is likely still good just not “The Best”. When I think of Stiles Switch for me they do one thing better than anyone and that is their sausage particularly their Jalapeno Cheddar so when I order that’s first then as a group we decide what to add to the tray. The other given at most really good BBQ joints is how long you are going to wait in line- generally you can assume you are going to wait at least 30 minutes in line before ordering.

So our visit was a little different- It was my Mother's birthday and we were going to have a larger group so we decided to arrive at 11.30, thinking we would get food about 12.00 and be ready to eat. But in these trying Corona/ Covid 19 times the place was empty so we went right up to order and decided to eat outside on the covered patio. As mentioned before we knew we were getting sausage so we ordered three kinds- 1 link of mild, 2 links

jalapeños cheddar and 1 link of Stiles Spicy. While waiting the cutter gave us a sample brisket bite and it was perfect so we ordered a pound and half. Looking down that seemed like enough meat we decided on sides- can't go without potato salad or cole slaw so those are given but today we added the pinto beans.

Up next, my Sister and her Family- they ordered 6 St Louis Ribs, Brisket Frito Pie and a sliced brisket sandwich. Side choices more potato salad, mac and cheese and fries. Finally my brother and mother ordered another Frito Pie (with extra jalapeños) and pulled pork. Not sure where my brother found them but he got some pickled onions to go with his pickles and onions.

So how was the food? I have been hit or miss on the brisket here but today clearly one of the best I have ever had, The Jalapeños Sausage was gone in seconds, I thought the Stiles Spicy was a bit dry and the kids knocked out the mild. My Brother-in-Law said the ribs were good and my sister loved the Frito Pie. Finally my Mother's pulled pork sandwich was “good” and my brother thought the Frito Pie (with extra

jalapeños mind you) could have been spicier. The sides- mac and cheese and BBQ joints is almost always good and no exception here, nice flavor and very creamy, for me the pinto beans with hunks of brisket in it was a pleasant surprise and the potato salad and cole slaw was adequate.

Overall experience was as usual above average and I will have no hesitation to return and try that Frito Pie next time.

Rating on a scale of 1 - 5 Rib bones (1 being the don't waste your time, 5 being run, run now).

Brisket: 4 rib bones
Ribs: 3.5 rib bones
Sausage: 4 rib bones 
Frito Pie: 3.5 rib bones 
Sides: 3.5 rib bones 

Stiles Switch BBQ and Brews
6610 N Lamar Blvd | 94230 Cachan, TX 78757
(512) 380-9199

Closed Monday

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